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How can art and science collaborate?

The Department of Search is an arts based organisation which was first set up in 2014. Soon after they developed ...

Sweat(er)shop workshop March 20

Come join in a Sweat(er)shop workshop, a project by Cynthia Hathaway, to start up the first locally made with local ...

New billboard on the USP: The Sweat(er)Shop and D-Stillery!

Sweating to make place: The Sweat(er)Shop and D-Stillery! We're going low tech on a high tech campus. Check the new ...


Zero Footprint Campus

Zero Footprint Campus is the first project by artist Melle Smets and designer Cynthia Hathaway established Department of Search, in which artists and scientists work together on urgent issues.

Department of Search

Zero Footprint Campus is the first project of the Department of Search, founded by artist Melle Smets and designer Cynthia Hathaway, in which artists and scientists at Utrecht Science Park (USP) collaborate on urgent issues.

The Approach

National and international artists have been invited to do artistic research at Utrecht Science Park (USP) during the academic year. You can follow their experiments on this website and at the Department of Search-barn next to the Educatorium (Genevelaan/Leuvenlaan, USP).

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Department of Search

The initiative of the Department of Search was taken by the Aardschap Foundation and the municipality of Utrecht in collaboration with the Utrecht Science Park Foundation and Universitity Utrecht. The Zero Footprint Campus programme is also made possible by The Art of Impact, Mondriaan Fonds, provincie Utrecht, K.F. Hein Fonds, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds en Stichting Doen.

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