Visits by students

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dsc07000The topics and resources of the Department of Search are spreading to various Departments at the University of Utrecht and beyond. In the past months Department of Search have had visits by Liberal Arts students of the Roosevelt University College for a spinning workshop. Curious HKU Interior Architecture Department Heads of the Product Design Department, and teacher Hans Venhuizen of KABK Den Haag popped by the Department of Search on an excursion with his students of Interior Architecture.



Departments like the HKU Interior Architecture Department are building into their curriculum the theme of scarcity derived in the design of the public space of the USP which supports anonymity, individualism and no sense of ownership/personal investment.


hku-heads-showing-felting-techniqueZFC-artist Cynthia Hathaway shows the filt to the heads of the Product Design Department of the HKU, Marcel Alberts and Ingrid Schufferers with teacher Guido Ooms at the Department of Search-barn.