How can art and science collaborate?

By April 5, 2017 No Comments

The Department of Search is an arts based organisation which was first set up in 2014. Soon after they developed the Zero Footprint Campus project where twelve artists come together to create artistic research at Urecht Science Park in the Netherlands. They have drawn on inspiration from their direct ecosystems and want to provide a new perspective about environmental harm. Sustainability is a highly topical debate attracting a lot of discussion and research. Despite this, not enough research is being applied to the local community. It prompted Zero Footprint Campus to re-design the space which attracts hundreds of students every day. The artists wanted to create a unique place to encourage more people to think about the surroundings that they interact with. This interesting initiative inspired our reporter Emily O’Dowd to speak to the curator and art advisor Carlijn Diesfeldt to discuss how science and art can effectively collaborate to question how public spaces are being used. Zero Footprint Campus is made up of several search projects and an artistic team who are dedicated to growing the impact of the project.

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