Sweat(er)shop workshop March 20

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Come join in a Sweat(er)shop workshop, a project by Cynthia Hathaway, to start up the first locally made with local materials sweater, made by your own sweat! The workshop is a test of a low tech production process, creating Sweater prototypes and above all a future place for communal productivity on campus. We will also consider how much sweating determines if a sweater is free.
Next workshop will be on Monday March 20st. Please contact Hanneke Hulshof for more information:

Flash Flood Scenario Workshop

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On January 18th Bureau d’ Etudes held a Flash Flood Scenario Workshop at the Utrecht Science Park. They held a bottom up approach by using a disaster situation (a flash flood) to analyse the actual resilience of the campus (to produce efficient goals). Not a vision, but a real, tangible way of producing scenario. Working from the actual situation without idealization, and with the experience of the actors of the campus.





Zero Footprint Sweat(er)shop Needs You!

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“Sweat for your Shirt” Felt Factory Event
with Cynthia Hathaway

The sheep you see roaming around campus produce beautiful wool, but all of it goes out. Let’s try to keep it in and make a University Sweatshirt! Join in on a felting workshop using the sheep’s wool and a traditional Mongolian technique with human power.

Tuesday Dec 20, 10am-4:30pm: Outdoor Felting Assembly Line
Carding and hand assembly of a long wool textile. The more people joining, the longer we can go!
Special guest: Bart Hoogeboom from Kaarderij Wollust will come with his beautiful mechanical ‘kaarderij’ machine.
Bring warm clothes as it’s an outdoor factory.
Verbena and Kaneel tea from the Botanical Gardens + lunch provided!

Wednesday Dec 21, 10am-4pm
Rolling of the wool with human power along the Genevalaan to bind the wool together.
Let’s make something while we work out.
Verbena and Kaneel tea from the Botanical Gardens + lunch provided!

Location: Department of Search Barn next to the Educatorium

Sign up by mailing:

Felt Factory

This Felt Factory is an example of artistic research methods and thinking complementing scientific search engines applied to issues of society. In this process, you not only make something, but you see how a context relates to it and visa versa. Out at the Utrecht Science Park, the Mongolian felting process is in direct contrast to the surrounding environment. Interventions in this place (such as the Sweat(er)shop) and with this technique allows for the following:

– low tech on a high tech research campus
– making something together (cross disciplinary)
– being outside and productive with a hands on method (complementing brain work with tactile skills)
– having a transparent process for all to see (we work outside on a campus with 40,000 people usually indoors and behind doors)
– keeping local resources in to test sustainability themes when applied locally (99% of Dutch wool is exported unprocessed to China)
– working with a natural material from scratch to finish (working from the qualities of a material first)
– creating an alternative product such as a sweatshirt from local labor and resources.




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On 8 november 2016, Arne Hendriks started the project CancerCell at the Department of Search-barn at the Utrecht Science Park. CancerCell investigates our obsession with (malignant) growth and tries to learn from cancer research how to interpret and deal with it. Hendriks wants to initiate dialogues about growth between cancer researchers and economists, politicians and entrepreneurs. To mark today I installed a symbolic cancerous beginning of asphalt on the outside wall of our campus hide-out. By some freak coincidence it has the exact shape of the United States.


Visits by students

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dsc07000The topics and resources of the Department of Search are spreading to various Departments at the University of Utrecht and beyond. In the past months Department of Search have had visits by Liberal Arts students of the Roosevelt University College for a spinning workshop. Curious HKU Interior Architecture Department Heads of the Product Design Department, and teacher Hans Venhuizen of KABK Den Haag popped by the Department of Search on an excursion with his students of Interior Architecture.



Departments like the HKU Interior Architecture Department are building into their curriculum the theme of scarcity derived in the design of the public space of the USP which supports anonymity, individualism and no sense of ownership/personal investment.


hku-heads-showing-felting-techniqueZFC-artist Cynthia Hathaway shows the filt to the heads of the Product Design Department of the HKU, Marcel Alberts and Ingrid Schufferers with teacher Guido Ooms at the Department of Search-barn.





Come & see the Department of Search-barn

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The Barn of the Department of Search has been raised! Here you can follow the artistic searches. The barn is located next to the Educatorium (Genevelaan/Leuvenlaan) at Utrecht Science Park.

Google Maps Link

Photo’s: Jokko Voogt