About the Artist

Arne Hendriks (1972) is a researcher, artist and creator who explores the edges of specific cultural values that define our relationship with the planet. In Hendriks’ opinion, we should open our minds to radical, new ideas and disruptive practices. In the project The Incredible Shrinking Man, he looks into the question if man could not get smaller instead of bigger, how this could be achieved, and what the positive consequences would be. If we shrunk to 50cm, a single chicken could feed 100 people.

About the Search Question

For the Department of Search, Arne Hendriks is developing KankerCel. Cancer is not only a disease, but also a symbol for an even bigger challenge mankind is facing, namely finding a balance between our craving for growth and the strength of our ecological system. If we regard this system as a body, man in this body would be his own major threat. We simply do not succeed to find a balance between what we want, or what we think we have a right to, and what is good for the earth. KankerCel is a public research centre where we can try to unravel our craving for growth from the idea that nothing symbolises the destructive human submission to growth better than its embodiment in a cancer cell. Hendriks invites experts – cancer specialists, biologists, economists, poets, bankers, visual artists, historians, activists, designers and politicians – to discover together if cancer can teach us how to conquer this obsession with growth.





On 8 november 2016, Arne Hendriks started the project CancerCell at the Department of Search-barn at the Utrecht Science Park ...
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Come & see the Department of Search-barn

The Barn of the Department of Search has been raised! Here you can follow the artistic searches. The barn is ...
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Department of Search

The initiative of the Department of Search was taken by the Aardschap Foundation and the municipality of Utrecht in collaboration with the Utrecht Science Park Foundation and Universitity Utrecht. The Zero Footprint Campus programme is also made possible by The Art of Impact, Mondriaan Fonds, provincie Utrecht, K.F. Hein Fonds, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds en Stichting Doen.


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