Zero Footprint Campus

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In Zero Footprint Campus twelve artists were conducting artistic research at Utrecht Science Park. Each in their own way, they drew inspiration from the material provided from their direct environment, such as animals, books, waste, data and innovations. In the hands of these artists, these local sources were given a new value, a value that is important in thinking about the campus of the future. Zero Footprint Campus took place in June 2017. Photo’s: Aafke Holwerda

_MG_1103_MG_1160Read-in, Unlearning My Library. Bookshelf_Research


_MG_1443Cynthia Hathaway, Felt Factory

Arne Hendriks, Asphalt Angiogenesis foto Aafke Holwerda

_MG_1792Arne Hendriks, KankerCel

_MG_1676Expertmeeting lunch

8 rondleiding USPGuided tour

_MG_0976Melle Smets & Kris De Decker, Human Power Plant


_MG_1611Friendly Stalking

_MG_1613Van Blankensteyn, Zero Waste Juicebar

_MG_1572Guido Marsille, Van Blankensteyn


_MG_1201Helmut Smits, Kraanwaterperformance

_MG_0721Laurent Tixador, Nature Helps Man to Take Root

_MG_1085Monnik, Scenario Machine

_MG_1387Bureau d’Etudes, Protestmars


_MG_0886Maarten Vanden Eynde, Future Observatory

_MG_1255Roel Roscam Abbing, Spacekeet