Department of Search Book Launch

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The Department of Search was established in 2014 at Science Park Utrecht. For three years this artist run organization experimented with action research interventions, to explore new forms of encounters between artists and scientists. This book unfolds the findings and speculates on the potential of a shared space to formulate fundamental questions of the future.

The Department’s basic procedure is simple: artists thoroughly search University premises and the spaces inside, around and between the buildings, for clues, cues and ideas they can use. They share their findings, models, and project ideas with local scientists. A search is conducted for shared values and what they may lead up to. Often from this intensive adventure a wide panorama of potential, a collection of debatable futures, will emerge.

Ed van Hinte

Carlijn Diesfeldt, Melle Smets, Cynthia Hathaway, Ed van Hinte (Getting Acquainted, Shared Values)

Aafke Holwerda, Jan Scheffe, Melle Smets, Cynthia Hathaway, Renate Boere, Carlijn Diesfeldt, Jokko Voogt

Melle Smets

Concept Design
Studio Renate Boere, Den Haag

Printing & binding
Printing house Kopa

ISBN 9789082672541

Commissioned by by the Aardschap Foundation, Utrecht February 2018
www. aardschap.nl

This publication was made possible by DOEN Foundation and Municipality of Utrecht.